[Community] HUMANITY Tips Collection

Whether you’re just getting started playing HUMANITY or are already halfway through STORY MODE, we’ve got some tips for you. This collection was originally posted on X and the Meta Quest newsfeed and will be updated regularly with new tips!

Goal With the Flow

🚶‍♀️ In most stages at the beginning of the game, a steady flow of humans walking into a goal is necessary to fill it with light and complete the stage. In the screenshot above, you see the goal filling with light. The goal won’t fill up completely if there are too few humans. Find a way to guide more people to the goal!

Fast Help via Solution Videos

By now, you’re a bit into the STORY MODE. Maybe you’ve run into a real stumper of a stage—something you haven’t quite been able to figure out. Are we right? Don’t worry!

In STORY MODE, pause the game and view a Solution Video anytime! You can get a quick hint before backing out, or watch the whole solution. These will show you how to complete a stage without any optional GOLDY.

It’s perfect when you need a push in the right direction on a perplexing stage. Watching solution videos is not counted against you, though the number of times you’ve watched them will show up in your gameplay stats.

Never Fear, Retry is Here

One of the early GOLDY Rewards gives you some of the most important options in all of HUMANITY—Retry Keep Commands and the equally useful Retry Clear Commands. As advertised, these let you retry a stage but keep (or clear) all the commands you already placed. 

This is perfect for situations where you’re in a longer stage and made a late/small mistake. It’s especially useful in Sequence 3, where you need to place all your commands first before using a Start Switch to start the flow of time. Since you can’t edit anything once you hit that switch, Retry Keep Commands is a vital tool. You can even use it to place a few commands as a test, see if you’re going in the right direction, use Retry Keep Commands, and continue from there.

Likewise, clearing commands gives you a completely clean slate, which might prompt you to consider a solution from a different perspective. Some stages can become so littered with commands as you play that using Retry Clear Commands will be necessary!

It’s OK to Let the Humans Fall

We’ve given you some tips in these posts so far, but now we’ll tackle the elephant in the room: people/humans falling off the edge of the stage and into oblivion or making unsafe landings on the ground. It is going to happen as you play.

In short: Don’t worry about it!

You don’t need to feel guilty about letting humans fall. It’s explained in the third stage of HUMANITY’s prologue: The people’s spirits are made of light. While they physically emerge from a door, if they fall off or reach an untimely end, their spirits persist to come back again. 

There’s no death in HUMANITY. Once you unlock the People Stats screen in Goldy Rewards, you’ll be able to see how many participants have been lost, but this number is not held against you.

Move Faster, Jump Higher

You protect the humans, guide them to goals, and use them to collect GOLDY. But that’s not all the horde is good for. Diving into the humans and soul-surfing amongst their numbers is a useful tool for traversal, allowing you to move fast and jump higher. Using people to help people! 🤔

Jump, then jump again to dive into the humans. You can use them to scale walls or cross larger stages super-fast. Use the momentum you can build traveling in them and jump out to launch yourself higher than normal. Even three-block-high walls you normally couldn’t jump to can be scaled this way easily.

Commands & Pushable Blocks

In HUMANITY, you place commands on the ground in a grid pattern and the people follow them. That’s the easy part.

What happens when you place a command on top of a Pushable Block (introduced in Sequence 2)? They’re tied to that block, so when humans begin pushing it, the command moves along with it! If humans eventually walk over that command, they will follow it.

Starter Guide to the Start Switch

Sequence 3 of STORY MODE introduces the Start Switch. In these levels, you place all your commands first, hit the switch, and watch as the people follow them without the ability to intervene. You must use Retry Keep Commands to make any changes or additions. 

Some Start Switch levels can get complicated. Try placing a few commands to get a route going, then hit the start switch to quickly check if you’re heading in the right direction.

If you’re stuck on a Start Switch puzzle, flip your thinking and work backward into the solution by determining where your humans will ultimately need to be.

Do you really like Start Switch levels? (Us too!) There are tons of them in USER STAGES, which you can find via PLAY STAGES on the title screen.

Peek Freely

Sometimes, you need a moment to look at a stage and consider your next moves. Free Camera (R3 on Quest, Triangle on PlayStation, F on PC) is perfect for that! It’s unlocked after collecting five Goldy. 

The Free Camera pauses the action and lets you look at the stage freely without holding down a button to Stop Time. In this view, you can remove HUD elements to take clean screenshots and see the status of any Goldy wandering around.

And that’s not all. At 17 Goldy collected, you can see what switches will activate in this view. Once the Others are introduced into the game, invoking the Free Camera will also show you what commands they will follow (colored black instead of white).