HUMANITY Community News Vol. 2

Hey, welcome to the second volume of our Community News. This week was big for us as we hit 1 million downloads across PS5, PS4, and Steam.

Thanks to all who are playing and enjoying HUMANITY—we appreciate you! Keep spreading the word about the game, and be sure to join our Discord community.

Recapping the HUMANITY Hub stream

ICYMI, you can watch the VOD of our community stream below. We welcomed the hosts of The Bonus Points to the stream, talked about their YouTube channel and podcast (which you should subscribe to if you’re not), played through the levels they’ve created, and made a coin-pusher stage together. In-game, there’s a playlist with the levels we looked at during the stream. Hop into USER STAGES now and check it out!

Here are three must-play stages by Joe and Oli, hosts of The Bonus Points:

REGROW, STAGE ID: 121-561-3978

FETCH, STAGE ID: 145-788-1455

ONE BLOCK WIDE, STAGE ID: 058-417-2969

The HUMANITY Hub community stream is live every Wednesday. Next week we’ll dive further into the STORY MODE and community-made stages. Stay tuned to @HumanityGame on X or your newsfeed on PlayStation and Steam to find out when we’re going live.

Next Discord Creator Workshop: SPRAWLING

This next Creator Workshop theme is SPRAWLING—stages that are large in scope. Maybe it’s multiple small puzzles or one big set piece, we’re looking levels that stretch the boundaries of creating in HUMANITY. Be sure to tag your stage with “SPRAWLING” to participate, and join our Discord community at and share your creations with us!

People-Pathing Pointers

Ah yes, the flow of HUMANITY. People walk out of a gate, and you must deal with their numbers (at least in most stages)! Pathing these hordes can prove tricky in some situations. Here are some pro people-pathing pointers for these precarious predicaments.

Let’s say you must keep a People Switch activated while pathing humans elsewhere. Creating a loop of humans over the switch will ensure it stays activated. Note the more people that flow into a circle, the more likely it is to become so crowded it overflows, with humans straying in all directions. Try not to let that happen! (Unless you want to on purpose—we’ll discuss “Overflow” in a future post.)

If you don’t have the surface area for a complete circle, you can still make them walk back and forth. However, even with a smaller group, you may find that as humans collide, they’ll randomly stray off the path, so this method is much less reliable than looping them. Their numbers may eventually not be enough to keep a switch active.

Maybe you’re moving a lot of Pushable Blocks amongst intersecting paths of humans. Segmenting a group of 5-10 humans away from an always-marching flow can help. Send the rest off the edge of the stage (temporarily!) and you should have enough room to work! You need at least five people to push a Pushable Block. This is especially handy on a stage like Sequence 2’s THE WALL where space is limited and you don’t want to chance a rogue stream of humans ruining the positions of your Pushable Blocks.

And that’s it for this installment of HUMANITY Community News! Join us on Wednesdays every week for our HUMANITY Hub Community Streams. Live on Twitch, YouTube, and Steam, or check our YouTube channel for the VODs afterward.