HUMANITY PATCH 1.07 (2023-07-12)


  • [ALL] Machines have arrived in the STAGE CREATOR! Now you can create stages that include mechanics from the final Sequence of HUMANITY’s STORY MODE. Navigate to the MACHINES tab of the palette to find Turrets, Drones, Missile Units, and Lasers.
  • [ALL] Machines, Others, and even people (including gates) can be designated as Blue Targets that need to be destroyed to trigger an event(s) in your stage, similar to activating a switch. Select an Others/Human group or Machine and choose CONNECT TARGET in the context menu, then select the item(s) it will activate or connect them to a Tandem-Link Switch. When you play the stage, a blue light will appear above these units.
  • [ALL] The COSMOS environment (seen at the end of HUMANITY’s STORY MODE) is now available as a theme option for your creations.


  • [PS5] When using the PS5’s built-in sharing features, posts to social media will now have a #HUMANITYgame hashtag.
  • [STEAM] Added additional support for VR MODE on PCs with AMD graphics cards. This should address ghosting issues seen by users with AMD cards, but please submit a support ticket if those issues persist.
  • [ALL] Modified FANS to make it easier to tell if they are on or off.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug where pushing pushable blocks from the top of a diagonal slope would not cause them to slide down.
  • [ALL] In STORY MODE, fixed a bug preventing players from using the mouse to select stages or swap between Sequences.
  • [ALL] In STORY MODE, fixed a bug where the player’s music selection would be forgotten when retrying a stage.
  • [ALL] In STORY MODE, we believe we have fixed a bug where the “Wonderdog” trophy/achievement could not be obtained after completing all seven challenges. Please submit a support ticket if you still experience this.
  • [ALL] In USER STAGES, fixed a bug where the Goldy acquisition sound effect would incorrectly play during a loading screen after completing a stage.
  • [ALL] In USER STAGES, fixed a problem when line breaks were pasted into the search field.
  • [ALL] In USER STAGES, sorting preferences will now be retained when returning to search results after playing a stage.
  • [ALL] In STAGE CREATOR, the cursor will turn into an X when trying to place a block where it cannot be placed.
  • [ALL] In STAGE CREATOR, fixed a phenomenon where a stage’s Data Size wouldn’t update when a switch was deleted.
  • [ALL] In STAGE CREATOR, fixed a bug that prevented a Glass Wall item from being moved when a climbing wall was attached to it.
  • [ALL] Miscellaneous adjustments and fixes.