HUMANITY 1.07 Update Brings The Machines To Stage Creator

Hey everyone!

We are super excited about the launch of HUMANITY Patch 1.07 today. It adds the Machines to STAGE CREATOR, allowing you to create and play stages with the mechanics seen in the STORY MODE’s Sequence 7.

We initially held these items back as we didn’t want to spoil some of the late-game story or mechanics and also give budding stage creators a chance to get familiar with the tools. But now it’s time to let you run wild with these!

You can learn about the additions in this patch in the video below.

The question now becomes, what will you make? And, with this new set of tools, what kinds of stages will we all be playing in USER STAGES both this week and in the future? Our team is super excited to see what people do with this—it opens up so many new options. Join our Discord and share your stage with us in the share-a-stage channel.


If you’re not a member of our Discord server already, you should definitely join up. In our creator-workshop channel, we’ve challenged our community to make stages that remix STORY MODE stages into something new. You can find a playlist of these stages live in the game right now, or search for them via the STORY MODE REMIX tag. Some of our favorite stages from the campaign have been rethought by the community, and they are amazing.

Remixing an existing stage is a great way to start with the STAGE CREATOR. If you haven’t made a stage yet, you might want to check out this playlist and consider what stage you’d like to rethink!


Our community has made so many awesome stages—from huge, sprawling levels that take up the entirety of the STAGE CREATOR canvas to the smallest 5×5 puzzles. The COMPACT CHALLENGES playlist offers smaller-scale puzzles with big challenges that might resemble what you’ve seen in the STORY MODE. Why not here if you’re unsure where to start in USER STAGES? You’ll find this playlist in the Library tab of USER STAGES.

Don’t forget to join us on Discord to discuss the game, User Stages, and stage creation.