PREVIEW: "Humanity Preview: Creative Puzzle-Solving With an Adorable Dog" (IGN)

A blend of ‘easy to complete, hard to 100%’ and bite-sized levels

I was curious what Humanity would feel like to play, with such an “out there” premise – “the player wakes up one day as a Shiba Inu puppy made of light, who must guide crowds of people into a strange pillar of light,” but going hands-on I’m happy to report it presents a delightfully puzzling diversion, bringing both classic puzzle elements and new ideas to bear in fresh and fun ways. I was drawn in instantly and had a blast reaching 100% in each new level I played during my preview.

Much like some of my favorite puzzle games, like Echochrome, Hitman GO, Catherine, & Monument Valley, to name a few, Humanity takes a single idea and cleverly iterates on it. That idea? Direct a steady stream of humans from their starting point all the way to the goal.

Humanity asked me to run and jump across stages cleverly constructed of blocks, swim through floating cubes of water, and use commands like ‘Turn,’ ‘Jump,’ ‘Float,’ ‘Hit,’ and others to guide the humans to the pillars of light at the end of each level. Various hazards like pits, moving obstacles (which will push the humans in various directions), and more were added at a fantastic pace as I proceeded, and each new gameplay wrinkle had me carefully examining each map, rotating and inspecting it to find a way forward.

With a relaxing vibe, clean aesthetic, level-creation tools, and a great blend of “easy to complete, hard to 100%,” Humanity is hitting all the right notes.

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