[Community News] June 2024 Stage Jam: SHIBA GAME FEST

HUMANITY Stage Jams challenge our growing community of USER STAGES creators to make new levels around a central theme. The theme for June 2024 is SHIBA GAME FEST, a call for creators to use inspiration from video games and game culture as a basis to design something new!

Since the launch of HUMANITY, we’ve seen players use the mechanics available in STAGE CREATOR in unique ways to mimic other games—while including puzzle-solving aspects to boot! Or create giant monuments to favorite characters. Or bring entirely new genres to HUMANITY. That’s what this month’s Stage Jam is all about!

Join the Enhance Discord server at and share your creations in the #share-a-stage channel, chat with other creators in #creator-workshop, and join our Stage Jam Hangout event (date TBD). Discuss stage creation ideas, learn more about creating stages, or play stages together.

Throughout June, we’ll also be streaming SHIBA GAME FEST stages during our weekly HUMANITY Hub Community Streams. Follow our Twitch channel to be notified when we go live (typically Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific).


How to participate (it’s simple!):

📖 Create and upload new stages (not something previously shared, please) inspired by the monthly theme. Feel free to interpret the theme any way you want!

🏷️ Don’t forget to share with the monthly Stage Jam tag (in this case, it’s GAME FEST JAM)

✏️ Share your jam creations in #share-a-stage and works in progress in #creator-workshop on Discord.

🎮 Play and discuss stages made by other creators.

🗣️ Join our monthly HUMANITY / Stage Jam Discord Hangout (date and time TBD).

Jam guidelines:

  1. We ask that participating stages be new creations designed after the jam theme’s announcement, not something that you have already created or uploaded.
  2. Have fun, and encourage others who are designing.