[Community News] July 2024 Stage Jam: JOURNEY

HUMANITY Stage Jams invite our expanding community of USER STAGES designers to craft new levels based on a central theme. For July 2024, the theme is JOURNEY, encouraging creators to design larger stages featuring grand structures and numerous puzzles!

Creators have been making these types of stages since the game launched in 2023, but only recently have we dubbed them “journeys” due to the usually massive size and time it takes to complete one of these stages for the first time. These stages often include smaller puzzles housed inside a structure or environment that the player and the humans must traverse.

Some examples of stages fitting the Journey theme include TOP-DOWN TOMB by LetsGOseph (Stage ID: 112-505-4678), SKYSCRAPERS by HatlessConnor (Stage ID: 207-597-1331), and TEMPLE OF LIGHT by Teksum (Stage ID: 202-005-5877). Use the SEARCH tab inside USER STAGES to find and play these stages to get a taste of what Journeys are for yourself. We can’t wait to see more creators try their hand at making one of these epic HUMANITY adventures.

Join the Enhance Discord server at and share your creations in the #share-a-stage channel, chat with other creators in #creator-workshop, and join our Stage Jam Hangout event (Saturday, 7/13, at noon Pacific time). Discuss stage creation ideas, learn more about creating stages, or play stages together.

Throughout July, we’ll also be streaming JOURNEY stages during our weekly HUMANITY Hub Community Streams. Follow our Twitch channel to be notified when we go live (typically Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific).


How to participate (it’s simple!):

📖 Create and upload new stages (not something previously shared, please) inspired by the monthly theme. Feel free to interpret the theme any way you want!

🏷️ Don’t forget to share with the monthly Stage Jam tag (in this case, it’s JOURNEY JAM)

✏️ Share your jam creations in #share-a-stage and works in progress in #creator-workshop on Discord.

🎮 Play and discuss stages made by other creators.

🗣️ Join our monthly HUMANITY / Stage Jam Discord Hangout (Saturday, 7/13, at noon Pacific time).

Jam guidelines:

  1. We ask that participating stages be new creations designed after the jam theme’s announcement, not something that you have already created or uploaded.
  2. Have fun, and encourage others who are designing.