[Community News] Introducing Stage Jams, Monthly Events for Stage Creators and Players

Hello HUMANITY players! This month, we’re starting a new event for the Stage Creator (and player!) community. Monthly Stage Jams will encourage creators to make stages based on a central theme. We’ll also provide a few sub-themes that could spark some more ideas, but you can freestyle your own take on the themes, too.

On a Saturday during the month (check our Discord server’s scheduled Events for exact times), we’ll hold a Stage Jam Discord Hangout where you can join, create, discuss stage creation ideas, learn more about creating stages, or play stages together.

We’ll be putting together playlists featuring Stage Jam theme stages during the month to allow people only interested in playing stages to take part too. Be sure to join our Discord server to get the most out of these monthly events.

April 2024 Stage Jam: SPRING

This month’s theme is SPRING
Sub-theme ideas: Gardening, bloom/blossom, or spring cleaning

How to participate (it’s easy!):

🌳 Create and upload new stages (not something previously shared, please) inspired by the monthly theme. The sub-themes may be a jumping-off point to help you get your creations started, but feel free to freestyle into your own interpretation!

🏷️ Don’t forget to share with the Stage Jam tag (in this case, it’s SPRING)

✏️ Share your jam creations on our Discord server in #share-a-stage and works in progress in #creator-workshop.

🎮 Play and discuss stages made by other creators.

🗣️ Join our monthly HUMANITY / Stage Jam Discord Hangout on April 13, 2024, at noon Pacific.

Jam guidelines:

1. We ask that participating stages be new creations designed after the jam theme’s announcement, not something that you have already created or uploaded.
2. Have fun, and encourage others who are designing.